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Tran Tuan – Own Painting

Tran Tuan has own painting, he is courageous, tire some with life and nature.The horses with manes are blend by wind. The sky is neither early morning nor sunset.The cloud doesn’t fly, the cloud looks at earth, the light seem to be fired in desert, the desert isn’t desert.Picture’s life is its own, the wind

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Tran Tuan’s Portraits

Thirty-nine small- and medium- sized portraits in various media- oil, pastel, charcoal, Chinesse ink- were featured in Tran Tuan’s latest solo exhibition. The portraits are of his loved ones- father, son, wife, brother, sister, his friends, as well as anonymous people whose expressive features and countenances captivate and impress him. Tran Tuan’s portraits are moments

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Lisa Surprenant’s speech

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said that “An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.” The paintings of Tran Tuan on display here tonight represent his choice to let himself dream of the world. This exhibition is his invitation to us to join him in that dream. And every great

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