The less things you carry, the farther way you can go. In a artist’s journey to the endless of the art, carrying the skill – in spite of outstanding skill – maby look like carrying a basket of gold in the desert.

Tran Tuan has renounced his rare drawing abilily and paint an undefined art. I think the cause is the good fortune of his destiny, not his wise decision of reason.

Nowadays, he is still groping his way in a sapphire area which is converging, to find the landscape, and becomes amorous in a deep red which is the suggestion to call the graspless beauty of the nude paintings.

An artist can’t express any messages, any information unless he define his art by his consciousness. Tran Tuan’s painting becomes quiet and mysterious, look like when we fall in a long quiet of a forgotten song.

Who can create that? The artist is the only one.

October 30th
Painter Ly Truc Son.