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The Human World – Changing or Unchanged

Sea-beaches turning into mulberry fields and valleys turning into hills, both these two phrases allude to drastic changes of Nature and the vissicitudes of human life, and the former also implies wretchedness and desolation. A human life is only an infinitesimal limited atom in the infinity of time, yet could contain in itself “sea-beach into

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The Quiet Area

The less things you carry, the farther way you can go. In a artist’s journey to the endless of the art, carrying the skill – in spite of outstanding skill – maby look like carrying a basket of gold in the desert. Tran Tuan has renounced his rare drawing abilily and paint an undefined art.

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The road of the major one

Tran Tuan is fully qualified for great successs. Giffed with some profundity in art, he painted realistically for a very long time and created several beautiful portraits of his family and friends. From the fate of each indivifual, he suddenly sought metaphysics in many of his works in the 1990s. As a result, his dreamy

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A glimpse of sky

In the art, some ones need only a few years to get their successes, but some others tramp in many decades. The fast ones express their talent. The slow ones are deep and profoundness. Ly Truc Son said: “A painting can be painted fast or slowly. Painting fast requires fast skill, but its view is

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Lisa Surprenant’s speech

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said that “An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.” The paintings of Tran Tuan on display here tonight represent his choice to let himself dream of the world. This exhibition is his invitation to us to join him in that dream. And every great

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