Symphony of the Universe 2020

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Symphony of the Universe 2020

Unique Techniques on Unique Abstract Painting

Firstly, Tran Tuan enriches his artwork  by using vivid colors and generous layering techniques.

The results are incredible paintings that give the viewers a glimpse into Tran Tuan's innermost thoughts.

Detail of Materials for this Abstract

Secondly, it is about the materials:

The canvas is one of best canvas type from Russia.

The oil paint has the best quality: “van Gogh” by Art Creation - Made from Holland.

Above all, Artist Tran Tuan used big knives and large color pieces which very thick to create the artwork.

So the deep of the painting's surface is 8cm thick.

In addition, The deep of the wood stretch for canvas is 6 cm thick.

In short, this artwork does not require frames.

Description of the Abstract Artwork

 Thirdly, and most importantly, it is about the meaning of the artwork.

Artist Tran Tuan created  "Symphony of the Universe"  with his inspiration from his feeling the human enlightenment: the origin of happiness and suffering.

Besides, It is the awaken happiness when people find the way out of suffering.

Then they will be able to arrive the Heaven which exists right in this world, in this real life & enjoy the infinite happiness of a released spirit.

In conclusion, people can immerse themselves in the infinite happiness of being immersed in the great symphony of the universe.

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